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This page contains research articles on physical gold and silver by covering supply and demand, gold/silver ratio, future price trends, currency hedging, safe heaven asset. These articles will assist you in getting first hand inside information on bullion so you can make informed decisions. The website owner has more than 30 years experience in analyzing financial markets.
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Research Articles


We do cutting edge research on the world’s financial markets, gold and silver supply and demand trends.  The links included in the articles enable customers to do their due diligence with the minimum effort at the touch of a button.   Research articles are sent out to customers twice a month, to subscribe please fill out your details in the form below.

  • Precious metal prices over the last couple of weeks have been bouncing up and down, much to the frustration of gold and silver investors. We are so focused on the price tha

  • The recent drop in precious metal prices has many investors worried about their future investment performance. In the current economic climate we find ourselves in, that is

  • Just a little more than a year ago, the world got hit by a freight train called Covid-19. No one expected this and no one was prepared for something like this. Back then a

  • What is the one question every investor should be asking right now? We all have varied answers to this question one way or the other. It actually all depends on who’s

  • 3 Trends Will Push Gold Higher No 1 – US Election The US election will have a profound effect on the world’s financial markets. Although the election is done an

  • The S&P 500 index closed Friday on a high of 3152. This is a 45% rally which is fantastic in any language. As a market analyst and trader my mind boggles as to this wil

  • On the 20th June 2019, I published an article on why the US Stock markets were so high and why they had to come down. This has now happened. I did not however anticipate th

  • One of the first principles of good investing is good research. Not all research though is equal. We all know you can spend hours doing research on the internet and still n

  • Silver investors have been frustrated with the silver price for quite a long time. Silver is the most undervalued asset in the market today. I will discuss the reasons why

  • Not since the financial and economical havoc of the 1930’s depression have we seen the world in more distress than right now. Sleepless nights are common for most peo

  • The world’s stock markets are having one of the worst meltdowns in history. Investors world wide are seeing their 401 K disappearing day after day. The S&P 500 in

  • Silver prices are heading to at least $50 in the near future if all the evidence is to be believed. Right now silver is the most undervalued asset anywhere in the world mar

  • Recently, I have been over whelmed by customers and big investors looking to buy Krugerrand’s as well as silver Krugerrand’s. I also get asked quite often which

  • Over the past week we watched the US S&P 500 index move up to 3022 which is just below the all time high of 3028. It seems that the investor appetite for risky assets h

  • My article today does not involve gold or silver for a change. I am sure everyone who read my articles have by now seen the rapid rise in the precious metal prices as I pre

  • Many of my previous articles contained information on the gold/silver ratio. For example, if this ratio is 90, it basically means that you have to buy 100  one ounce s

  • The following article is dedicated to my newest customers and will also serve as a reminder to my old faithful customers as to why I am such a huge fan of investing in phys

  • Many an article have been written and many theories have been floated to explain why the world stock markets are so high. Today I am presenting my own theory why stock mark

  • The 7 year slump in the precious metals markets are coming to an end. The time to make money is upon us. The question now is ….. what must happen for the precious met

  • Silver production in the US has been declining for years. The most recent data however, shows some alarming facts. US silver production for 2018 has just dropped to the low

  • All over the world, financial markets are experiencing more and more uncertainty. Markets do not like uncertainty. Recently CNN sounded a warning from top world CEO’s

  • Although most of the US indexes are still in record territory, December turned out to be very bad for stocks. All the gains for 2018 were wiped out. The markets have since

  • It has been a while since I put out a news letter on the world ‘s financial situation and for that I apologize. In the mean time we have seen a 10% market correction

  • In the last week the US Stock Funds had a $23.9 billion outflow as investors are starting to withdraw their money. The question that I have been asking for the last year, …

  • Many investors are confronted with the Bitcoin phenomena every day. Questions like “What is Bitcoin … How does it work … Should I buy it” I am by no means an expert on Bitc

  • The world’s financial markets, as well as geopolitical issues, are getting worse every day. This complicates the financial planning of investors considerably. After some qu

  • The world’s retirement funds are in big trouble. According to the ICI – Investment Company Institute, the U.S. Retirement Market hit a new record of $26.1 trillion in the f

  • Keith Neumeyer is on the board of several major mining companies. He funded two billion-dollar companies of his own. One of them is First Quantum Minerals, a leading copper

  • Should we buy gold? The unstable financial situation world wide has many investors wondering about their money and what the future holds. Owning physical gold or silver is

  • Precious Metal Bars and VAT There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding VAT on precious metal bars. In this short article, I will attempt to clear up some of the confusi

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