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we supply ZAR coins and bullion

Our focus is to provide cutting edge financial, gold- and silver research to enable our customers to do their due diligence more efficiently via the links in our bi-monthly articles.  We specialise in sourcing the highly sought after NGC and PCGS graded ZAR coins.



Sold in South Africa and Internationally.

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Sold locally and Internationally.


Sold in South Africa.


To ensure you make the correct investment.

  • GOLD BAR 100g

  • R9049208:30AM
  • KRUGER RAND (1oz)

  • R2540008:30AM
  • SILVER BAR (1kg)

  • R1229108:30AM

let us help you

With more than 30 years’ financial market analysis experience, our research comes highly recommended to assist you.

We are able to assist you with up to date information on the gold, silver and platinum price.

Are you looking for a specific ZAR coin? We will do the leg work for you in order to find the best prices in the market to suit your needs.

our research

Although most of the US indexes are still in record territory, December turned out to be very bad for stocks. All the gains for 2018 were wiped out. The markets have since been making a slight recovery as we start the new year. The two......

All over the world, financial markets are experiencing more and more uncertainty. Markets do not like uncertainty. Recently CNN sounded a warning from top world CEO’s giving lower guidance on future earnings. The question for investors then arise. How do we protect ourselves from the......

Recently, I have been over whelmed by customers and big investors looking to buy Krugerrand’s. The simple fact is that you cannot buy Krugerrand’s in bulk in South Africa even if you have all the money in the world. Rand Refinery, who makes the Kruger’s,......


Dawid Venter is an International Trader and Researcher of Precious Metal Bars and Coins.

Why you should do business with us

Why should you do business with us?

We are a small company that puts emphasis on building strong relationships with our customers.  Our technical expertise in analysing financial markets gives you the edge no other company can match.