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ZAR Coins

ZAR Coins

We are passionate about finding the right ZAR coin for you. These are the only rare coins we believe in because they are sought after worldwide and has a 100-year history.  Our prices are rated amongst the best in South Africa, especially for the higher graded ZAR Coins.


ZAR Coins

The old ZAR (Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek) coins were issued from 1874 to 1902. These coins are the only true South African rare coins and are sought after worldwide. The history can be seen below.

1902 Veldpond MS61

Year 1902
Grade MS61
Availability Very Rare
Price R385,000.00

1898 Sammy Marks Tickey MS62

Year 1898
Grade MS62
Availability Very Rare
Price R940,000.00

1892 Double Shaft Kruger Pond MS62

Year 1892
Grade MS62
Availability Rare
Price R76,000.00

1893 1/2 Pond AU55

Year 1893
Grade AU55
Availability Very Rare
Price R239,000.00

ZAR Coin History

1874 Burgers Pond

The first ZAR (Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek) gold coins were minted in 1874 as ordered by the then President, Thomas Francois Burger. Initially, 695 Fine Beard Burgers Ponds were minted. A further 142 coins were ordered because the original casting die broke and a new one had to be made. Unfortunately, the new die had a courser beard than the original die and thus the course beard is one of the rarest and most expensive ZAR coins in the world today.

1899 Double 9 Overstamp

Minted in 1899, the 99 Overstamp was to prove to the world that the ZAR was an independent country capable of minting its own coins after the outbreak of the Second Boer War (1899 – 1902). Known for the 99 at the bottom of President Paul Kruger’s bust, the 99 Overstamp is one of the rarest coins in the ZAR’s history, with only 130 ever minted. There is also only one single 9 coin in existence which is priceless. This coin is one of the most expensive ZAR coins in South Africa.

1892 - 1902 Kruger Pond

In order to secure a general election win, President Paul Kruger ordered the Kruger Ponds from the German Mint. The original batch featured a double shaft wagon resembling the European wagon. The wagon also had same sized wheels back and front. The ZAR wagon had a single shaft and bigger wheels on the back. There were also some engraving mistakes. These mistakes had to be rectified and a second batch called the single shafts were ordered. This almost cost Paul Kruger the elections.

1902 Veldpond

The Veldpond is one of the most beautiful and unusual collector’s coins ever minted in the ZAR. A total of 986 coins were minted and only 106 have been graded. These ZAR coins were minted with hand presses in the fields of Pilgrim’s Rest, as the advancing British troops took control of the only working mint in the region. What makes this coin so sought after in the world is the fact that each coin was hand engraved. This means that every veld pond is unique. There are no other coins in the world with this feature.

1898 Sammy Marks Tickey

Sammy Marks was Lithuanian-born and moved to England as a boy. The diamond discoveries at Kimberly in 1869 lured him to Cape Town. Marks became a well-known mining magnate, and soon moved to Pretoria, where he met and befriended President Paul Kruger – he became a well-loved figure in South Africa before the outbreak of the Second Boer War in 1899. In recognition of his services to Paul Kruger, he was allowed to use the mint for a day. He used the 1898 3D dies of the silver threepence, and minted 215 Tickeys in gold from his own mines, as opposed to the usual silver. These coins are considered legal tender but were never brought into circulation. They were mainly used as gifts for VIP's and family and friends. The replica Sammy Marks Tickey has punctuation marks behind each letter of the ZAR. The Sammy Marks Tickey is one of the most expensive South African coins available today.