29 May 2022

Runaway Inflation And Silver

The average inflation rate for 2021 was 7%. The South African government wants us to believe that the current inflation rate is 5.9% as at the […]
20 May 2022

If You Don’t Hold It, You don’t Own It

Over the last year or three, we have read in the news about safe deposit boxes that was broken into and valuables stolen. Many times these […]
15 Feb 2022

Silver To Gain On US Dollar Demise

You may well ask, what does the demise of the US Dollar have to do with us here in South Africa? The reason is simple. The […]
20 Nov 2020

Financial System Reset Will Push Gold And Silver Higher

Financial Reset Will Boost Gold & Silver What is the one question every investor should be asking right now? We all have varied answers to this […]
16 Nov 2020

Gold & Silver Run Post US Election

3 Trends Will Push Gold Higher No 1 – US Election The US election will have a profound effect on the world’s financial markets. Although the […]
1 Jun 2020

How You Can Benefit From The US Stock Market Pyramid Scheme

On the 20th June 2019, I published an article on why the US Stock markets were so high and why they had to come down. This […]
21 May 2020

Guide To Bullion Research

One of the first principles of good investing is good research. Not all research though is equal. We all know you can spend hours doing research […]
18 May 2020

Why Silver Is The Most Undervalued Asset Today

Silver investors have been frustrated with the silver price for quite a long time. Silver is the most undervalued asset in the market today. I will […]
27 Apr 2020

Post Covid-19 Financial World

Post Covid-19 Financial World Not since the financial and economical havoc of the 1930’s depression have we seen the world in more distress than right now. […]


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