29 May 2022

Runaway Inflation And Silver

The average inflation rate for 2021 was 7%. The South African government wants us to believe that the current inflation rate is 5.9% as at the […]
20 May 2022

If You Don’t Hold It, You don’t Own It

Over the last year or three, we have read in the news about safe deposit boxes that was broken into and valuables stolen. Many times these […]
9 Mar 2022

Silver Paper To Physical Ratio Predicts Price Explosion

For many years, as most of you know, have I been preaching the gospel about owning physical silver. For those of you who have bought your […]
21 Jun 2021

Why Is Gold & Silver Not Moving Higher

The recent drop in precious metal prices has many investors worried about their future investment performance. In the current economic climate we find ourselves in, that […]
22 Mar 2021

Silver Price To Explode

Just a little more than a year ago, the world got hit by a freight train called Covid-19. No one expected this and no one was […]


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