Buy Silver Bars And Coins | How South Africans Can Buy Bullion and Krugerrand's in London
A step by step guide on how South Africans can buy and store gold bars, silver bars and Krugerrand's securely overseas. South African citizens find it very difficult to take Krugerrand's out of the country due to the South African Reserve Bank's restrictions of an annual limit of R25,000.00 per person per year. You can now buy and store gold and silver bullion overseas in a highly protected and secure vault in your own name. You are also allowed to visit or take delivery of your bullion any time you want to. this is an excellent way to preserve and protect your money against the ravages of the depreciating South African currency.
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How South Africans Can Buy International Bullion

International Bullion

At last South Africans can purchase gold bars, Krugerrand’s and silver bars and coins in London. It is also cheaper because no VAT is charged overseas on gold bars and the premium over spot is smaller. It is well known that trying to take Krugerrand’s out of South Africa is a huge problem.  Every South African citizen is limited to about one 1 oz Krugerrand per person per year. Precious Metal Bars have negotiated with a large Bullion company in London to allow South Africans to buy  in London and keep it in safe custody or be delivered to a destination outside of South Africa.

South African citizens are by law allowed to take R1,000,000.00 overseas for investment without a tax clearance certificate and R10,000,000.00 with a tax clearance certificate.

Minimum London investment is R200,000.00

Payment can be made via bank transfer or a credit card.

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