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A Guide To Bullion Research.
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Guide To Bullion Research

Guide To Bullion Research

One of the first principles of good investing is good research. Not all research though is equal. We all know you can spend hours doing research on the internet and still not get the right information or true information where the author has no agenda. I freely admit that my agenda is to sell bullion. I do however believe in my research and own gold and silver myself.

I have therefore decided to share my research resources with my customers in order for you to do your own due diligence and look at gold bars and silver bars from an other perspective than my own.

SRSrocco Report – One of my most trusted resources is Steve St. Angelo’s SRSrocco report. I have been following his work and corresponding with him for years. His research is miles ahead of anything else out there and really worth looking at. I strongly recommend that you subscribe to his SRSrocco report. It used to be free but it has now changed to a subscription service which is totally worth it. You can subscribe by following this link. SRSrocco Report.

Kitco – Kitco is the website I use daily to check precious metal prices. They also have video interviews with prominent people in the bullion business as well as in depth articles on precious metals world wide. If you want to know why prices have moved up or down, Kitco is the place to go. Kitco prices and Kitco articles

The Silver Institute – The Silver Institute has valuable information on all things silver. It is well worth a visit as it covers supply/demand, mining and many other aspects of silver. Their quarterly reports are very interesting. The Silver Institute

Tom Cloud – Tom Cloud is a veteran with more than 30 years experience in the precious metals markets. He is always in contact with the most influential players in the bullion business and his insights are invaluable. You can look at his work here.

My last piece of advice is this. Before you dive into a research article, dive into the author first. Check for reviews of his work as well as complaints. This will save you a lot of time and trouble. I trust that the above resources will make your due diligence a little easier in the future. Let’s make some money!!!

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